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Reggae Vibes - January 2020

"Peter Tosh - Un Rebelle Sans Pause" is a major, eleven page feature on the most militant and compelling Jamaican reggae star of them all, drawn from the many interviews and research materials I'd amassed whilst writing the unauthorised biography, "Steppin' Razor - The Life Of Peter Tosh," published by Omnibus Press in 2013.

The former Wailer is famous for songs like Legalise It, Equal Rights, I'm The Toughest and Get Up Stand Up, shared with Bob Marley.He wrote songs in support of nuclear disarmament, the anti-Apartheid movement, the legalisation of marijuana and other vital causes but it is his courage and determination in the face of adversity that will always stay with me. He was a revolutionary figure with heart, and who refused to back down or compromise, even in the face of police brutality.

Thanks and respect as always to Gilbert Pytel and Pierre Viellet for their support over the years, and having the belief and vision to keep reggae literature alive.

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