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Echoes 2022 - November

In this latest issue I talk to Protoje about his latest album Third Time's The Charm and the joys of having your own studio - especially one located in the hills of Jamaica! We also celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sean Paul's groundbreaking Dutty Rock album, which has now gone triple platinum. Sean's A&R man from back then, Murray Elias, makes the case for Dutty Rock's enduring relevance whilst elsewhere, Lee Jaffe talks at length about his book Crossroads, which offers insights int his relationships with Marley, Tosh and the artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

Lila Ike, Skip Marley, Jada Kingdom, SunDub & Peetah Morgan, Bitty McLean and Andre Riley head Run The Track, and Soothsayers Meet Victor Rice And Friends is our Reggae Album Of The Month. Other reviews include Black Uhuru's Taxi Trax compilation, Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari's Grounation and Mellow Mood by Italian reggae band Manana.


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