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Echoes Magazine - March 2021

Amazingly – because we’re quite shy really - it’s Echoes’ 45th Anniversary and whilst I wasn’t there at the start, I feel proud to have played a part in their story which began way back in 1976, when they were a weekly black music paper called Black Echoes.

Today’s monthly digital and print issues are slick by comparison, but the spirit behind them remains the same. The music still comes first, and we still get that fizzy feeling when you hear something that makes you shout, dance or in our case, share it via the written word.

As well as all the readers and subscribers who’ve supported Echoes over the years I’d like to thank Paul Philips and Chris Wells, whose belief and hard work has continued to provide a platform for music writers like myself, as well as the countless artists, musicians, DJs and producers who’ve featured within its pages.

Congratulations to them and in the meantime, their legacy continues. This month’s cover stars are Myles Sanko and Logan Richardson, whilst it’s Miss Pat of VP Records, the late U Roy and Gentleman’s Dub Club’s turn to head the reggae section, which also includes several pages of singles and album reviews.


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