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Reggae Golden Jubilee - 50th Anniversary

“Jamaican popular music demonstrated a triumph of creativity by borrowing nothing to build something” - Edward Seaga.

Reggae’s Golden Jubilee: 50th Anniversary – Origins Of Jamaican Music (VP Records).

2012 was Jamaica’s 50th year of independence and to mark the occasion, VP Records invited former Prime Minister Edward Seaga to choose the tracks for a 4-CD deluxe box set entitled Reggae Golden Jubilee – Origins of Jamaican Music, released in November 2012. As a former record producer and label owner, Mr. Seaga was a pioneering force in the birth and development of the Jamaican music industry, and especially the 1960s' ska movement. I was therefore honoured to be chosen, along with well-respected Jamaican music journalist Dermot Hussey, to write the foreword to this essential collectors' item.



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