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The Marley Files

The Marley Files: One Foundation.

Jook Joint Press.

ISBN 978-0-9933759-5-8.

The Marley Files is the second instalment of my Reggae Chronicles series and another anthology of selected articles and features, many of them previously unavailable in English. As well as telling the stories behind Bob Marley and the Wailers' key recordings, The Marley Files include interviews with Damian, Stephen and Ziggy Marley, who talk at length about their own music and their father's legacy. This 326-page book also contains numerous film, exhibition and book reviews, and especially commissioned 40th Anniversary celebrations of Exodus, Kaya and Survival that bring every nuance from their subject, thanks to input from various Wailers. That said, it is the series of articles examining the fallout since Bob Marley's death and the actions of an increasingly corporate Marley Estate that are likely to attract most controversy.


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